Telescope booking is another convenient method of ordering one of Telescopia sessions, rather than waiting for the election algorithms or queue time, user can reserve a session and get into the session  right at the reservation time.

The booking mechanism allows a direct access to provider’s equipments, through the usage of the GeoMap locate method, thus offers more customization to the user.

The booking is available for object, private, and group sessions.

Object Observation:

When placing the booking request the user is presented by a SkyMap to search and select the desired celestial object, then booking time, date,  and session duration.

A GeoMap screen will show up after confirming the session duration that contain: available telescopes at the selected booking date and time pinned onto the map with weather forecast for each telescope location.

Private and Group Session:

When placing the booking request for a private or a group session the user will be presented by a GeoMap with weather forecast to select one of the available telescopes, the user can search by time, or location.

The accessory screen will show up after the telescope selection for the users, to select one or multiple accessories from the provider’s inventory.


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