A SkyMap is a virtual representation of all celestial objects discovered within our observable universe which has an estimated radius of 46.5 billion light-years, including but not limited to: galaxy clusters, galaxies, constellations, nebulas, star clusters, stars, planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and man made objects, the SkyMap database forces an underlying actively updated model complete with new celestial objects as scientist discover new ones.

The SkyMap has to have an observation point define by three physical variables: longitude, latitude, and altitude, the point is critical to calculate the above and below horizon objects as well as the location of any celestial object. The observation point varies within Telescopia SkyMap based on the module and purpose of usage; It can be the location of a user or the location of an available telescope.

The extent of the SkyMap is flexible, due to several usage of the SkyMap throughout Telescopia; A boundary representation is the common theme for the SkyMap as the bounds will limit the number of objects in the map and thus be more responsive and representative to the module it is used for; The bounds are automatically computed depending on the module and purpose of usage.

Objects Database:

SkyMap database follows an openly editable content model which allows Telescopia community members to add, modify, or remove celestial objects, however Telescopia will also be constantly performing updates to the objects database.

The objects database is seeded from Telescopia knowledge center’s object database.

SkyMap Usage:

Telescopia revolutionize the SkyMap so users can:

  1. Navigate the vast universe.
  2. Learn by selecting an object to explore more informations like: rise time, transit time, set time, distance from earth and sun, mass, volume, and history.
  3. Book a telescope.
  4. Book or plan a SkyTour.
  5. Request astrophotography service.
  6. Preview the extent of a telescope a user is interested in acquiring.
  7. Confirm the capabilities of a telescopes or equipment the user is interested in buying from Telescopia marketplace.
Mixed Reality SkyMap:

One of the biggest features that Telescopia will offer is mixed reality SkyMap.

The MR capability of the SkyMap will transform how we traverse our vast universe virtually, and make the entire experience much more immersive.

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