Journey through the vast universe with Telescopia, developed especially for general observers, explorers, students, and teachers.

The tour’s objects are predefined, however not fixed for example a solar system SkyTour consists of the 8 planets, most of their moons and the sun.

The list of available tours will be displayed to the user and will be refreshed and updated daily to accommodate new tour requests and open new possibilities.

Example Tours:
  1. Solar System Tour.
  2. Man Made Objects Tour.
  3. Messier Tour.
  4. Asteroids Tour.
  5. Stars Tour.

Before the tour starts the users will be presented with a SkyMap containing the tour’s celestial objects and path, with detailed information for each objective.

All tours are automatically controlled and managed by Telescopia, thus users possess no control over the tour’s objectives or duration, as the SkyTour is designed for the less experienced user as it automatically navigate the well known objects and create a learning path for the users.

A well trained tour guide will accompany the users through out the tour explaining its objectives and paths, he/she will communicate via the integrated VOIP and can answer the users inquires via chat, and a detailed object information text shown throughout the journey.

Any streaming and/or recording of the tour is prohibited and if it may occur will be considered a violation of Telescopia copyrights.

SkyTour can be booked as private tour or group tour.

Private Tour:

A fully private SkyTour with all its features; The user will have the option to modify the observation time frame of objects, and the option to plot a tour from scratch using the SkyMap.

Private tour can only be booked 1 hour ahead in order to be prepared by Telescopia.

The user will be charged with the entire amount of the tour.

Group Tour:

A group tour is designed for group of users that want to journey through the SkyTour together.

The group admin will have the same customization as in the private tour.

Group tour can only be booked 1 hour ahead in order to be prepared by Telescopia, and will be held until all the attendees are ready.

The group will be charged with the entire amount of the tour.

Mixed Reality Tour:

The SkyTour will be available in mixed reality immersive experience, as the tour will be featured entirely in MR with live objects brought directly from the telescope optics to your devices.

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