The GeoMap illustrates a landscape features or body of water in addition to the elevation, and weather forecasts; This information is vital to how Telescopia operate its algorithms to achieve high grade of quality and clarity, furthermore the GeoMap is deeply integrated into Telescopia.

Given a time and date the GeoMap is used alongside the SkyMap to locate an online telescope at a location with clear skies for the user in order to observe one or multiple objects in the space using one of Telescopia sessions.

Telescopia utilizes the GeoMap broad information for the providers to locate the best nearby location with high elevation, weather forecast and sky clarity to prepare and setup their telescopes.

For an experienced user the GeoMap can be used manually to search and locate a telescope around a specific location on earth.

Usage throughout Telescopia Modules:

The GeoMap is implicitly used across Telescopia’s algorithms to locate a telescope in the correct location and perfect weather conditions, while also locating a backup telescope for disconnected or temporarily unavailable ones.

  1. Session Elections.
  2. Telescope Booking.
  3. Observation Session Ordering.
  4. SkyTour.
  5. Astrophotography.
  6. Provider’s Preparations.

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