Astrophotography is a specialized type of photography for recording photos of astronomical objects, celestial events, and large areas of the night sky.

Telescopia will grant the provider the option to offer astrophotography service, the provider should decide the price in CYRS for a small exposure image and multiply by exposure time for a longer exposure image.

Capturing Process

When a user requests an image through this service a popup will appear with the needed details to successfully capture the image, then a price in CYRS is calculated based on the provider price and exposure time, the user is then obligated to complete the payment before the request is forwarded to the provider.

When a request is received by a provider he/she should start mounting the DSLR camera to the telescope, and inform the user to start directing the telescope toward the target object for imaging.

Then user has to direct the telescope using Telescopia toward the desired object, before the provider start capturing the image.

After successful image capture the provider submits the RAW formatted image to Telescopia for the user to review.

The user has only 3 attempts by default (can be adjusted in the provider’s settings) to capture the same image if there is no error from the provider’s end.

After the user approval of the image, Telescopia will provide a link to download the RAW formatted image.

After the successful capture and acceptance by the user, Telescopia will issue the payment in CYRS to the provider.

Super Resolution Astrophotography:

Super-resolution technique reconstructs a higher-resolution image or sequence from stack of captured lower-resolution images.

The lower-resolution images can be captured from multiple telescopes pointing to the same area of the night sky.

Telescopia offers to its users: multi-frame or single-frame SuperResolution image through a stand-alone module, it works under a schedule so the user will be required to make a reservation.

In the reservation request the user will be required to enter the object/s to capture, resulting resolution, and image type, then Telescopia will compute the quotation in CYRS and present it to the user.

Telescopia will automatically search and reserve multiple telescopes to capture the lower-resolution images, and construct the super-resolution image using a decentralized network of computers, the resulting image is then submitted for review by Telescopia staff, then sent to the user for final review.

After the user approval of the image, Telescopia will provide a link to download the RAW formatted image.

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